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How to add/edit/remove MIME types in Plesk?

Step 1: Login into the Oryon Plesk Control Panel.
Step 2: Go to Websites & Domains and find the website’s domain name.
Step 3: Click on Virtual Directories.
Step 4: Click on the MIME Types tab.
Step 5: Click on Add MIME Type .
Step 6: Specify the following:
– Type the file name extension in the Extension field. Filename extension should begin with a dot (.), or a wildcard (*) to serve all files regardless of file name extension.
– Specify the file content type in the Content field. (i.e. text/html) and click on OK to finish.

Step 7: You can either select the appropriate value from the list or define a new content type. To do this, select Custom and enter the content type in the input box provided(i.e. video/mp4). Click OK to finish.

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