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How to Manually Import Emails from eM Client to Thunderbird

To manually perform this conversion, please follow the steps given above to export EML files from the eM Client application. After exporting all the eM Client EML messages please follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Firstly, create a new folder in Thunderbird. For this, just right-click on Inbox folder and select the New Folder feature.
Step 2: Name this folder as per your requirements and click on create the folder.
Step 3: When you click on the button, in Thunderbird, a new subfolder of Inbox created.
Step 4: Now, minimize Mozilla Thunderbird and browse the location where eM Client EML saved.
Step 5: You just have to select all the EML files and drag them to the newly created folder.
Step 6: The process will take some time to import eM Client to Thunderbird account.
Note: Please close Thunderbird after performing all the above steps and then reopen it to view EML files in Thunderbird.

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