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Compare external and guest access in Teams

Compare external and guest access

FeatureExternal access usersGuest access users
User can chat with someone in another companyYesYes
User can call someone in another companyYesYes
User can see if someone from another company is available for call or chatYesYes1
User can search for users across external tenantsYes2No
User can share filesNoYes
User can access Teams resourcesNoYes
User can be added to a group chatNoYes
User can be invited to a meetingYesYes
Additional users can be added to a chat with an external userNo3N/A
User is identified as an external partyYesYes
Presence is displayedYesYes
Out of office message is shownNoYes
Individual user can be blockedNoYes
@mentions are supportedYes4Yes
Make private callsYesYes
View the phone number for dial-in meeting participantsNo5Yes
Allow IP videoYesYes
Screen sharing modeYes4Yes
Allow meet nowNoYes
Edit sent messagesYes4Yes
Can delete sent messagesYes4Yes
Use Giphy in conversationYes4Yes
Use memes in conversationYes4Yes
Use stickers in conversationYes4Yes

1 Provided that the user has been added as a guest and is signed in as a guest to the guest tenant.
2 Only by email or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) address.
3 External (federated) chat is 1:1 only.
4 Supported for 1:1 chat for Teams Only to Teams Only users from two different organizations.
5 By default, external participants can’t see the phone numbers of dialed-in participants. If you want to maintain the privacy of these phone numbers, select Tones for Entry/exit announcement type (this prevents the numbers from being read out by Teams).If you don’t want to reveal external PSTN phone numbers to external users, when you turn on Entry/exit announcements, select Tones for the announcement type.

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