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Oryon offers a range of SSL options ensuring your public servers and sites are in line with industry best practices. We make it easy to install and manage SSL.

  • SHA-256 hashing algorithm
  • RSA 2048+ or ECC 256, 384 bit keys supported
  • Free unlimited reissues
  • Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices (not IntranetSSL)
  • Certificate covers and automatically
    Secure site seal (not IntranetSSL)
All SSL Features

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2600/Yearly Regularly Buy Now

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AlphaSSL (Wildcard)

5000/Yearly Regularly 500 Buy Now

EV ExtendedSSL

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Validation Level


Key Length




Domain (DV)

single domain name such as or

up to 256-bit

from 2048

Free, unlimited


Organization (OV)

all sub-domains on a single domain name such as *

up to 256-bit

from 2048

Free, unlimited


Extended (EV)

a single domain name such as or

up to 256-bit

from 2048

Free, unlimited

All prices in Indian Rupees (INR) Nett. For Certificates issued to sites beginning with www (or * for Wildcards) we will add the non-www or non-* version of your domain as a SAN free of charge. Your Certificate will work for and

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

What is a SSL Certificate?

A SSL certificate is a set of encryption keys that once installed on a web server activates a secure connection between the browser the visitor is using and the web server for the website being visited. When installed, it activates the padlock and the https link protocol and allows secure connections from a server to a browser.

Why do I need SSL for my website?

With the padlock in the browser address bar, the user can be confident a website is safe when providing details.  In 2017, with Google’s push for a more secure and performant web, there is a search ranking boost for secure website. Google began officially warning website owners that non HTTPS sites would incur consumer messaging that identified the site as non-secure.

 SSL Site Penalty
image courtesy: google

What if my question was not answered in this FAQ?

Our Support Team who is available 24x7x365 will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have on the live chat.

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