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Overview Of Network Penetration Testing

The primary objective for a network penetration test is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, systems, hosts and network devices (ie: routers, switches) before hackers are able to discover and exploit them. Network penetration testing will reveal real-world opportunities for hackers to be able to compromise systems and networks in such a way that allows for unauthorized access to sensitive data or even take-over systems for malicious/non-business purposes.

Our penetration testing methodology includes an attack simulation carried out by our highly trained security consultants in an effort to:

  • Identify security flaws present in the environment
  • Understand the level of risk for your organization
  • Help address and fix identified network security flaws

RedTeam Security network penetration testers have had experience supporting network, systems and hosts —not just trying to break them. They leverage this experience to zero in on critical issues and provide actionable remediation guidance.

As a result of our network penetration tests, you’ll be able to view your systems through the eyes of both a hacker and experienced network security professional to discover where you can improve your security posture. Our consultants produce their network pen test findings in written reports and provide your team with the guidance necessary to effectively remediate any issues we uncover.

The network is often the nerve system of an organization — storing its information and driving its communication. Your network allows everyone in the enterprise to access tools they need to be successful. At the same time, your business must make sure that no one gains unauthorized access. That’s where network penetration testing can help.

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What Is Network Penetration Testing?

Network penetration testing aims to do what a bad actor would do — identify and exploit vulnerabilities in your networks, systems and network devices. Yet the network pen test sets out to find any opportunities for an attack before an unauthorized user does.

By identifying real-world opportunities to compromise systems and networks, the network pen tester can provide suggestions to better protect sensitive data and prevent take-over of systems for malicious/non-business purposes.

A network penetration test typically employs globally accepted approaches based on the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). This will include:

  • Intelligence Gathering — the discovery of all accessible systems and their respective services to obtain as much information as possible.
  • Threat Modeling — identifying vulnerabilities within systems via automated scans and deep-dive manual testing techniques.
  • Vulnerability Analysis — documenting and analyzing vulnerabilities to develop the plan of attack.
  • Exploitation — Actually carrying out the attempt to exploit
  • Reporting — Delivering, ranking, and prioritizing findings to generate an actionable report, complete with evidence, for the project stakeholders.

Some network pen testing can be done using automation, but for the best results, your testers will use all the same techniques — including manual efforts — to access your network that a highly motivated bad actor might use.

All of RedTeam Security’s network penetration testing comes with free remediation testing at no additional cost, with no time limits, to help guide you in your efforts to effectively remediate any issues uncovered by our pen tests.

Why Should I Conduct A Network Penetration Test?

A network penetration test will help you gain valuable insight into the security posture of the in-scope assets and be able to fix them before hackers are able to cause serious damage by exploiting them.

What Is A Penetration Test And Why Do I Need One?

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How Long Does It Take To Conduct A Network Penetration Test?

The overall time it takes to complete a network penetration test depends on the size and complexity of the in-scope network(s). That said, most tests take anywhere from one week to four weeks, start to finish.

How Much Does A Network Penetration Test Cost?

We get this question a lot and it’s not easy to answer until some level of scoping has been performed. Our scoping process is quick, online and painless. But overall, the complexity of the network and its components will ultimately determine its cost. For example, when determining the work effort, we take into account things like the number of live IP addresses, etc.

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