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How to create a new Distribution List in Outlook 2013

Step 1: Open the Outlook email client and choose the ‘Address book’ under the find section of the top right corner.
Step 2: When the address book opens, click on the ‘File menu’ item and choose New Entry.
Step 3: As we are creating a distribution list, you will need to choose “New Contact Group”.
Step 4:Once the group has been created, click on ‘Add Members’ and then choose ‘From Outlook Contacts’ from the drop down menu.
Step 5: In order to choose the multiple contacts in to the Members group, press and hold on Ctrl key then choose required contacts.
Step 6: Now, you would need to provide the new name for this group as per your convenient.
Step 7: Finally click the Save & Close button to complete the process.
Step 8: Now when you need to send an email to all the people you added to the group, just place the cursor on ‘To’ field and start typing the name of the group.

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