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CloudMail Server Hosting Plan Perfect For You!



Storage Space

Email Accounts

Average Space for an Email Account

Free Cpanel Admin License

100% Uptime Guarantee

Free Setup and Migration

24/7/365 Support

30 Day Money Back Guarantee




Payable Every Month

50 GB


1 GB



Payable Every Month

150 GB


1.5 GB



Payable Every Month

300 GB


3 GB

All prices in Indian Rupees (INR) Nett. Email migration is free of charge.

You can purchase Cloud WorkMail (For archive only) with unlimited archiving at 100 Rs per user monthly (No partial number of users on the same domain)

All Our plans include


Send work email from your business web address ( and create group mailing lists like


100% Uptime Guaranteed

The email data hosted and replicated in 3 different datacenters. Such redundancy ensures 100% uptime for your email accounts.

Create your own storage for users

Create diskspace for each user as per your requirement which can hold up to many years of emails. Send up to large 50MB file attachments.

Free data migration

Let us move  your organization’s important data to the Cloud WorkMail email servers free of charge. Free migration of email makes for a quick, worry-free transition.

Secure spam-free inbox

Our premium filtering keeps your inbox free of spam and viruses with three-layer scanning. Secure IMAP connection (SSL) is available for Outlook and on mobile.

Always Here for You

Chat with us or Whatsapp to get help immediately whenever you need it. We are available 24 hours a days or 7 days a week.

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

CloudMail Server Email Hosting is highly scalable and can support everything from a one-person business to companies with tens of thousands of users. We have customer companies in excess in 5000 users.

  • Recover email from latest backup
  • Web-based, anywhere access
  • Shared calendaring
  • Company directory (GAL)
  • Advanced message-filtering
  • Instant Messaging (Chat)
  • Out of office auto-responder
  • SMS password reset
  • Attach files from PC
  • Tasks and notes
  • Multiple identities and signatures
  • Email forwarding
  • Unlimited aliases and group lists

The maximum size for an attachment is 50 MB. However, we can increase the limit as per your requirement.

The main difference between IMAP and POP is that IMAP works with email directly on the server, while POP fetches mail from the server and works with it on your local computer.

Migration times vary per customer. Some migrate in hours and others migrate in days or weeks. The migration process is a partnership between you and the migration team. Consider your availability and resources when planning your migration as they will be needed for the testing phase of the migration and will impact the overall timeline of the transition.

We use a combination of automated tools and support experts to perform the migration. At each step of the migration, we stay in close contact with your team to help you get a successful outcome.

After you submit your migration request, our email migration experts will discuss available approaches with you, depending on the configuration of your source server and your migration type. Our team will require that you provide the source server address/URL and all usernames and passwords for the mailboxes. A spreadsheet will be sent to you for this step in the process.

Users can continue to access and use their mailbox normally. However, we strongly recommend that passwords not be reset during the migration.

Yes, if you go with Cloud WorkMail Email Hosting package with Oryon, you can manage your email account via browser as well as email clients such us Outlook, thunderbird,  etc. If you are facing any issues while configuring the email account or sending/receiving emails, you may contact our live chat or email, phone support. We will take over your PC via remotely and resolve this issue with instantly.

Yes, you can. You may contact Oryon to increase the email user’s limit at any time. It will be automatically updated on your account and the system without any additional cost.

Email spam exposes your systems to malware and phishing attacks and is a costly distraction your employees.

How We Helps You Combat Spam and Viruses

Our spam and virus filtering is handled in two stages: blocked email, and filtered email. Blocked email ensures you never see those messages in your mailbox. If we cannot block it, email filtering is used to identify spam and put it in your spam folder.

Blocked Email

We uses several industry best practice techniques to block email spam coming from known disreputable sources. This comprises email we know, with a high degree of certainty, is not from a legitimate service. This covers everything from compromised servers to ‘spam cannon’ services that send unsolicited spam across the internet. These techniques include the use of IP block lists provided by reputable services well known throughout the email industry, as well as blocking emails with attachment types known to exploit end-user computers.

Filtered Email

If mail passes the blocked email checks, we apply advanced content filtering to verify whether it is considered spam. Content filtering combines many techniques to analyze email structure and content, and create key indicators that identify patterns in email. These indicators are combined with industry-wide feedback from email providers across the internet about reported spam, phishing, and viruses. The end result is an accurate, adaptive, and evolving content filtering system that is highly effective at removing spam.

For CloudMail Server Email Hosting you may send up to 10000 emails per day certain time interval per domain name. We do not allow spam and bulk email on your account. If we found anything suspicious on it, our spam filter automatically block the email account and send notification to your registered email ID for further actions.

Yes, you can get and restore the deleted emails from latest server backup at anytime with the help from our support team.

Cloud WorkMail Email Hosting allow for 25 GB per user. If it exceeds, we recommend you to backup/archive the email account via Outlook to store in on the computer locally and clear the spam/unwanted emails manually.

Note: We cannot make exceptions for any file type listed for any reason.

File typeFull file name
adeAccess Project Extension (Microsoft)
adpAccess Project (Microsoft)
appExecutable Application
aspActive Server Page
vaspxASP.NET Web Page
asxAdvanced Stream Redirector
basBASIC Source Code
batBatch Processing
cerInternet Security Certificate File
chmCompiled HTML Help
cmdDOS CP/M Command File Command File for Windows NT
cntIndex file for Windows help files
cplWindows Control Panel Extension (Microsoft)
crtCertificate File
cshcsh Script
derX509 Certificate
exeExecutable File
fxpvFoxPro Compiled Source (Microsoft)
gadgetWindows Vista gadget
hlpWindows Help File
hpjMicrosoft Help Project File
htaHypertext Application
htcHTML Component File
infInformation or Setup File
insIIS Internet Communications Settings (Microsoft)
ispIIS Internet Service Provider Settings (Microsoft)
itsInternet Document Set Internet Translation
jsJavaScript Source Code
jseJScript Encoded Script File
kshUNIX Shell Script
libStatic DLL Library Information File
lnkWindows Shortcut File
madAccess Module Shortcut (Microsoft)
mafAccess (Microsoft)
magAccess Diagram Shortcut (Microsoft)
mamAccess Macro Shortcut (Microsoft)
maqAccess Query Shortcut (Microsoft)
marAccess Report Shortcut (Microsoft)
masAccess Stored Procedures (Microsoft)
matAccess Table Shortcut (Microsoft)
mauAccess Shortcut Function
mavAccess View Shortcut (Microsoft)
mawAccess Data Access Page (Microsoft)
mdaAccess Add-in MDA Access 2 Workgroup (Microsoft)
mdbAccess Application MDB Access Database (Microsoft)
mdeAccess MDE Database File (Microsoft)
mdtAccess Add-in Data (Microsoft)
mdwAccess Workgroup Information (Microsoft)
mdzAccess Wizard Template (Microsoft)
mscMicrosoft Management Console Snap-in Control File (Microsoft)
mhtWeb Page Archive File
mhtmlWeb Page Archive File
msh3D Modeling File
msiWindows Installer File (Microsoft)
mspWindows Installer Patch
mstWindows SDK Setup Transform Script
msh1Microsoft Help File
msh2Microsoft Help File
mshmxlMicrosoft Help File
msh1xmlMicrosoft Help File
msh2xmlMicrosoft Help File
opsOffice Profile Settings File
osdOpen Software Description File
pcdVisual Test (Microsoft)
pifWindows Program Information File (Microsoft)
plgAston Shell Plug-in
prfWindows System File
prgProgram File
pstMicrosoft Exchange Address Book File, Outlook Personal Folder File (Microsoft)
regRegistration Information or Key for Windows 95 or 98 Registry Data File
scfWindows Explorer Command
scrWindows Screen Saver
sctWindows Script Component FoxPro Screen (Microsoft)
shbWindows Shortcut into a Document
shsShell Scrap Object File
sysWindows System File
ps1Windows PowerShell Script
ps1xmWindows PowerShell Script
ps2Windows PowerShell Script
ps2xmlWindows PowerShell Script
psc1Windows PowerShell Script
psc2Windows PowerShell Script
tmpTemporary File/Folder
urlInternet Location
vbVBScript File or Any Visual Basic Source
vbeVBScript Encoded Script File
vbsVBScript Script File Visual Basic for Applications Script
vpbVisual Basic Project File
vsmacrosVisual Studio .NET Binary-based Macro Project (Microsoft)
vssVisio Stencil (Microsoft)
vstVisio Template (Microsoft)
vswVisio Workspace File (Microsoft)
vxdWindows Virtual Device Driver
wsWindows Script File
wscWindows Script Component
wsfWindows Script File
wshWindows Script Host Settings File
xnkExchange Shortcut
xmlExtensible Markup Language

Our Support Team who is available 24x7x365 will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have on the live chat.

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